BIOART Plastvac P7-Plus 110V v2020 Vacuum Forming machine Digital Heating Timer - for all thermoplastic laminates - The machine accepts sheets up to 6 mm thick

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BIOART - Plastvac P7 Plus Vacuum Forming machine 110 volts Digital Heating Timer

A powerful 1400W motor, it automatically generates the vacuum at the conformation instant. The Plastvac P7 does not need a special installation, since it is connected to the consulting / laboratory power grid.

Quick and practical, possibility the confection and delivery of sheets to the patient in a single session. On average the payback comes with the production of 30 sheets.

The Plastvac P7 has a universal adapter for round and square sheets of different dimensions, thicknesses and materials. The machine accepts sheets up to 6 mm thick

Applications Plastvac:
• Mouthguard
• Matrix for composite resin;
• Temporary bridge;
• Caps;
• Fixing of brackets;
• Fluoridation mold;
• Surgical guide;
• Bite plate (bruxism);
• Base sheet;
• Individual sheet;
• Homemade whitening sheets;
• Packing of study models.

Technical specifications Plastvac
• Automatic vacuum activation;
• Available in voltages: 110 or 220V (not Bivolt);
• Weight: 5.4 kg;
• Dimensions: (WxDxH) 24x27x19 cm.

BIOART PLASTVAC P7 - Vacuum Forming machine

***HOW to change heating element   on the vacuum machine: 
The user needs to:
1) Loosen the screws circled in red to detach the resistance from the heating unit
2) Disconnect the white wires from the wire connector (blue circle)
3) Connect the new resistance and return the screws

(check the picture #4)

Plastvac P7
Manufacturer #:
.Mfg #.APO70517
Availability Date:

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