Here is the information regarding the vendor program.

We do not warehouse anything- we simply send you the customer information once a sale is made and you fill the order. We have no order minimums, unless your product requires it. We typically sell to Dental/Medical Offices who need supplies.

We are an online marketplace for dental supplies that helps give doctors the best market price

Some information:


 We offer COMMON products in our website, offered by one or various vendors at their own price.

Vendors are able to change the prices and inventory Status through a vendor dashboard on the Fair Dental Supplies website using an EXCEL file  or through our automated API connecting direct to your quickbooks.   

Fair Dental processes all payments and pays Vendor after order if marked as COMPLETE   We use Stripe Connect , which is very similar to Paypal to process payments and transfer money from the sale directly into your Stripe Account under our main Account

We keep  a flat 10% referral Fee rate from Gross Revenue

Fair Dental uses Flat rates and free shipping vendor thresholds. The vendor will set-up a flat rate and threshold before going live on the website. The cost of shipping is based on the following  flat rate : 8.95 for orders up to $8.95 ,  $12.95 once the order reaches 10Kg, and $ 1.00 per Kg from 11kg and more 

Of course if you have specific items that are heavier and would need any additional surcharge at check-out we can do that. Vendors and consumers are able to track the order at all times through the dashboard, once the tracking is placed in. You will be using your own shipping labels & courier account

For returns, we always pass along our Pre-Paid UPS labels to the customer in order to ship the items back directly to you. 

Every product must have its FDA certificate to be listed in Fair Dental Supplies.  We may ask also for invoice information to verify this was purchased through the correct channels.

I personally will walk you through the on-boarding process. 

For a detailed video presentation follow this link :


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in writing me back

The next step would be SIGNING UP in our website , follow the link


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